Self propelled Nozzle – VIPER 24K

The Viper 24™ does more than provide the rotating power and wide spray path of SPIN-NOZZLE®technology at higher pressures (up to 24,000 psi or 1,680 bar). It eliminates factory repairs by offering field-repairability in less than 5 minutes.

The Viper 24™ head has a round body and flush-mounted nozzle inserts to minimize impact during use. It makes rotating action practical without an air-driven lance, attaching easily to a standard NLB 286 Series lance.


  • Easy maintenance;
    Robust and spherical design minimizes nozzle impacts;
    It weighs only 0.907 kg;
    Inserts recessed below the face for added safety and durability;
    Cooling and forced and constant lubrication by the water itself